Why choose Soteria ?

Soteria operates according to the highest levels of discretion and follows a series of core values. These values are as follows: 

Confidentiality. Our customer service is based on a high level of privacy. Your personal information, situation, and security measures are all kept strictly confidential to ensure successful operations. 

Integrity. Integrity forms the backbone of everything we do. We’re committed to providing dynamic, reliable security services, and we work hard to maintain excellent levels of service. 

Holistic. Soteria thrives when creating a holistic security solution that answers every challenge and situation. Our team is more than capable of seamlessly integrating services to deliver a comprehensive plan. 

Discreet. Our security teams always operate with discretion. Their unwavering commitment to this practice ensures smooth and reliable success. A premium security team is discreet, professional, and unobstructed – all values we impart to all staff. 

Loyalty. Loyalty is a core aspect of Soteria. Our unwavering loyalty to you ensures we go above and beyond in everything we do. We aim to guarantee your wellbeing – a task we approach with professional determination. 

Courage. Our staff members are trained, experienced security professionals with real training in crises. When a situation escalates, they remain focused on your safety, providing the anchor of calm that you need.



In Greek mythology, Soteria was the goddess or spirit of safety and salvation, deliverance and preservation from harm. Soteria was also an epithet of the goddess Persephone, meaning deliverance and safety.

Exceptional Personnel

Soteria is committed to providing the very best personnel for any situation. Our team members are all experienced in security work and steadfastly committed to their responsibilities.

Our staff works directly with you to guarantee success. They will discuss your specific requests and work with you to ensure you are comfortable with our strategy for your desired service.

Our security personnel are vetted and rigorously verified before being transferred to active duty. Our superior standards regarding security solutions match their qualifications and experience.

Soteria ensures all our personnel hold the highest qualifications available and the correct certification, as well as UK Government recognised licences. All of which are available to our clients’ upon request during their consultation.

Looking for your next opportunity?

A dedicated and loyal professional searching for their next challenge would do well at Soteria. We’re always searching for highly qualified professionals that can fulfil a range of security roles and encourage experienced individuals to submit a formal request using the application form below.