Soteria Security Group was established in 2022 and is a veteran-owned company led by Victoria Beavan, a former Royal Military Police officer with extensive experience in various elite fields throughout her military career and private security sector.

Following her military service, Victoria has spent many years working in specialist roles within the private security industry, primarily in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. This experience has enabled her to gain a comprehensive understanding of close protection, residential security, travel risk security, intelligence, surveillance techniques, and investigations.

With a deep commitment to security regulations and practices, Victoria is a skilled relationship builder and client manager, having collaborated with high-profile clients, multinational companies, and governments for over 26 years. Her expertise and experience have been critical to the success of Soteria Security Group

Emma Amin-Beavan is the Director of Communications, Sales, and Marketing for Soteria Security Group. Emma is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience. With over 18 years in the industry, Emma has a deep understanding of what it takes to effectively communicate and market products and services.

Emma oversees a wide range of responsibilities, from developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns to managing the website’s social media presence and working closely with the sales team to drive revenue growth. They are also responsible for ensuring that Soteria’s brand messaging is consistent and resonates with target audiences.

Emma has held a variety of roles in the marketing and communications fields, including as a Business Development Manager. In each of these roles, Emma has demonstrated a keen ability to identify market trends and customer needs and develop effective marketing strategies that drove results.

Emma is skilled communicator and collaborator, with a passion for building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders alike. Her leadership skills, combined with her strong strategic vision and creative approach to marketing, have made her a valuable asset to Soteria. Emma is extremely passionate about using her expertise to drive meaningful results in forging lasting relationships with our customers.